altWest Vancouver continues to enjoy one of the lowest crime rates in the country. I can confidently report that the citizens of West Vancouver are clearly the recipients of a high level of police service which is reflective in the enviable climate of this great community.


The WVPD has developed its reputation as a leader in the area of community based policing and it is through an integrated policing approach that we use the principles of community based policing to as a framework for a comprehensive service delivery strategy.


The good work that brought us here will not keep us here unless we are prepared to make the necessary changes to adapt to the ever changing world around us. Our strategic plan has run its course and needs updating.


The new plan should be about what we, the WVPD, mean to you, the citizens of West Vancouver. Your thoughts, on what you feel should be a priority for the Department, are important and I am looking forward to the opportunity for external consultation in order to clearly establish what those priorities are.


While not all public safety issues are policing issues, the Department is dedicated to working in partnership with those organizations whose mandate is to deal with those issues, more proactively than we can. The Department is committed to a service delivery model that includes partnerships, allowing us to seize every practicable opportunity to deliver the highest quality of service to the citizens of West Vancouver.


The employees of the Department demand and deserve effective leadership and guidance. I am also committed to driving a new professional leadership development program for my leadership team and making the professional development of the Department’s human resources a priority. 


We do not operate in a vacuum and cannot achieve our goals by working in isolation. It is the job of every member, employee and volunteer within the WVPD to ensure that West Vancouver is a safe, secure and vibrant place for citizens and visitors to live, work and play. It is the honour of every employee and volunteer who grace the halls of the West Vancouver public safety building to offer service to every person who should seek our assistance.