In the early days of the Municipality, all police patrolling was done on foot and a rented horse. For short trips out west the constables used the Municipal buses and for more distant points they were provided with a pass on the P.G.E. trains. Thompson Taxi was also used.


In 1917 the Council authorized the sale of the police motorcycle for the purchase of a bicycle and $20.00 in cash. Later, a motorcycle with a sidecar was purchased, a 1922 Indian. In 1934 when Dr. Fred Stainsby (the first resident doctor) died, his Terraplane sedan was acquired as the first police car. On February 21, 1939 the Terraplane sedan was traded in for a new grey Plymouth coach. The last motor bike was a 1951 Indian Maroon and the last Constable to ride it was Tom Lightly.


Continued growth of the Municipality soon began to be reflected in the increase in work and staff of both the Police and Fire Departments. A decision was made to separate their joint base of operations. A new fire hall was built and opened on November 22, 1967 at 16th and Fulton Ave.


An immediate start was then made on major renovations to the then existing Public Safety building resulting in new quarters for the Police Department and Provincial Court which was officially opened on March 22, 1968.