2009 March 12

Cst Jeff Palmer

604 925 7348

More glaring examples of dangerously bad commercial trucks were pulled off the road in the latest vehicle inspection campaign in West Vancouver.


West Vancouver Police, West Vancouver Bylaw Services and the provincial Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Branch (CVSE) are working together on a 3 day inspection and enforcement initiative last week.


25 of 74 vehicles targeted for inspection were immediately ordered out of service.


Observed defects ranged from defective or improperly adjusted brakes and over worn tires to improperly secured loads. That represents a failure rate of approximately 33 percent.


One heavily laden and poorly maintained logging truck provided a disturbing sense of déjà vu for two Traffic Section officers who’d helped investigate a fatal logging truck accident in West Vancouver in 2004.


The truck checked yesterday (see attached photos) was found to have brakes badly out of adjustment and one trailer wheel in which 6 of 10 wheel bolts were completely broken off.


The truck was immediately ordered out of service and the driver served with Provincial Violation tickets totalling $523.


Just 14 of 74 inspected vehicles passed with no defects. 


West Vancouver Police and Bylaw officers, CVSE, the Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU) and RCMP will continue to aggressively target shoddy commercial vehicles with randomly scheduled vehicle inspections set for the remainder of the year.