History of the West Vancouver Police Department


A second major renovation and addition was completed in 1981 modernizing and expanding the Police Department facility significantly. In 1996, the Provincial Courts were closed and this additional floor space was incorporated into a shared environment for the Police Department and the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.


In 2004 the Police Department began using a Mobile Police Station fully equipped for operations that can be put in place anywhere in the municipality.


This provides the ability to have a police presence and base of operations wherever required, such as community events, demonstrations, and crime scenes.


The West Vancouver Police Department continues to encourage the involvement of community members to join one of many volunteer programs, including the Block Watch Program where there are 241 active streets in West Vancouver participating.


Additionally, volunteers participate in Victim Services, Speed Watch, Graffiti control and the Student Work & Advisory Team (SWAT). The Department actively participates in Youth Programs, and with the community Youth Advisory Council.


Today, Chief Constable Len Goerke leads a West Vancouver Police Department made up of 81 sworn police members, 23.5 support staff members, and 75 community volunteers, operating with a budget of approximately 10.5 million dollars.


The jurisdictional boundaries of the Police Department span 89 square kilometres running roughly from the Squamish Nation Reserve and Capilano Road in the east to Horseshoe Bay in the west, and north on Highway 99 to the District of West Vancouver boundary at Montizambert Creek, south of the Village of Lions Bay.


The Department not only provides local police service but is also a participant in a number of regional integrated police teams with other municipal police organizations and the RCMP that address law enforcement issues that affect all British Columbia residents.


The Department is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of the community using intelligence driven crime suppression techniques that result in West Vancouver continuing to be a much desired place to live and visit.