History of the West Vancouver Police Department



The District of West Vancouver was incorporated on March 15, 1912, and the first District Council was elected April 6, 1912.


On May 7, 1912 Council appointed John Teare as the first police constable and just three weeks later on May 28, 1912 Council appointed a second police constable, F.H. Kettle.  A third constable, Richard D. Jones,was appointed July 9, 1912, under a council resolution reading,"Richard D. Jones be appointed constable for that section Northwest of White Cliff City without salary."  Someone needed to be in charge, so on July 23, 1912, John Teare was appointed Chief of Police. The resolution read, "That John Teare be hereby appointed Chief of Police with jurisdiction over all other constables within the Municipality, without salary."  On September 10, 1912 the Municipal Engineer (James Duncan) was appointed a constable without salary.


The first police office was an upstairs room in the original Municipal Hall built in 1912.  The Police Department remained in Municipal Hall until the early 1950's when a new Public Safety Building was completed at our present 1330 Marine Drive location. Police, Fire were housed in the building which officially opened on July 9, 1954.


On October 1, 1912 the Council dispensed with the services of Constable R.D. Jones, and directed that he be tendered the sum of $5.00 for his past services. Mr. W.B.C. Moodie was appointed to replace him. At the same meeting Council appointed Chief of Police John Teare as Health Officer, Pound Keeper and License Inspector, and offered him a salary of $75.00 per month. And while there is much public discussion of  integration of Police Services now,on November 5, 1912, the District of North Vancouver requested that the constables of North and West Vancouver be empowered to co-operate with a view to keeping down the dangerous practice of indiscriminate shooting along Capilano Road. Chief Teare was sworn in as a Special Constable for North Vancouver.